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Short Term Mission Opportunities in Estonia


Since 1992 Estonian Christian Ministries has sent men and women to Estonia to build a dynamic network of Christian radio stations.

Until 1991 Estonia, located near Finland, Sweden and Latvia, was occupied by the Soviet Union.

During the summer periods there is: construction work, helping in Churches and cooking to be done. Both skilled and unskilled worker-missionaries needed.

Besides construction work and cooking for the teams, all short term missionaries have also had the opportunity to be involved one way or another with personal, street and/or mass evangelism in churches, on the radio, divorce recovery, abortion or various women’s and men’s seminars, music, youth ministries, teaching English classes, prison ministries, counseling, visiting retirement homes, sharing humanitarian and medical aid, etc.

Up Coming Mission Opportunities

Each year one or more teams travel to Estonia on Short Term Mission Trips. Below you will find a summary of previous projects. If you may be interested in participating with a future team please contact our office or check back later for information on future projects.


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Prior Short Term Missions

2005 Reconstruction and completion of updated Denver Studio for remote broadcasting

2003 Summer missionaries from St. Croix, VI helped with construction of Otepää Covenant Church's New Sanctuary to almost completion

2002 Otepää

  • Short term mission team from New Jersey, St. Croix, VI continued work on the Otepää Covenant Church Construction.

2001 Otepää, Tallinn and Kavastu

  • Summer mission builders from Sweden, Minnesota, Colorado and East and West Coast of USA worked on Otepää Covenant Church.
  • Repaired Tallinn Studio building and did construction in the basement.
  • Kavastu AM antenna rebuilt and 50000 W AM Transmitter donated by Blue Ridge Broadcasting to Estonian Christian Ministries.

2000 Colorado and California teams began construction of Kavastu AM antenna and transmitter building.

1999 Tartu and Tallinn

  • Teams from California and Colorado, along with a local contractor built and wired new studio's for broadcast expansion in Tartu, Estonia. Workers represented the US, Estonia and New Zealand.
  • A team from Colorado worked on the Radio House in Tallinn and the broadcast antenna housed in the Oleviste Church in 'Old Town'.
  • Additional repeater stations were added to cover areas previously blocked by terrain.

1998 Tallinn Family Radio - 89.6 Mhz

  • A local contractor with heads and teams from Colorado and California replaced the garage and added several new studios, office space and staff lounge above the new garage.
1998 Kuressaare Family Radio - 89.0 Mhz
  • Major expansion and construction by summer mission team from Denver of the studio space and equipment upgrades.
1997 Tallinn Family Radio - 89.6 Mhz
  • A local contractor along with summer mission’s teams from Colorado and California remodel Rev. Meiusi’s old home in Tallinn into a modern radio studio..
  • ECM added a new transmitter and antenna on top of the Oleviste Cathedral to increase Gospel coverage.
  • ECM installed repeater stations in Haapsalu at Jaani Kirik (Church) 89.4 Mhz and near Rakvere 88.9 Mhz on the Viru-Jaagupi Lutheran Church a few km away.
1996 Tartu Family Radio - 89.0 Mhz
  • Erected 400 ft tower and added more a more powerful transmitter to improve coverage. Improved and doubled the studio floor space and built a class room/studio for radio school. Several short courses have already been conducted with instructors from HCJB and our local staff and in conjunction with HCJB, World Radio Missionary Fellowship and Tartu Family Radio.
1995 Kuressaare Family Radio - 89.0 Mhz
  • ECM summer missions team erected a 350 ft tower next to the Church Endel's grandfather started and pastored.
1994 Tartu Family Radio - 89.0 Mhz
  • Built third station in Evangelical seminary and started broadcasting from a small transmitter and antenna mounted on the roof of the seminary.
1993 Kuressaare Family Radio - 89.0 Mhz
  • ECM and local men built a second station in Zion Church and started test broadcasts in 93. Initiated regular broadcasts in 1994.

1992 Tallinn Family Radio - 89.6 Mhz

  • Installed transmitter in prior KGB facility in Oleviste Church, placed antenna on 400 ft steeple of Oleviste Church and built small studio in old funeral chapel. The first broadcast station of Estonian Christian Ministries.


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For Latest Information please contact:


For the latest Colorado Team information contact Rev. Endel Meiusi at the ECM office 303 795-2757 or send an email to Estonian Christian Ministries at

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